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» Hantu Rumah Ampera (DVD)

Hantu Rumah Ampera (DVD)
» Product Information
No In Set :  1
Barcode :  47922 2132 0017
Language :  Indonesian
Subtitle :  English
Artist :  Ben Joshua,  Nadila Ernesta , Rahma Landy, Meity Josefina
Genre Type :  Digital PAL
Genre Info :  Horror
Release Date : 28/04/2010
Weight KGs :  0.2
Synopsis :  

Annisa remembers those words when Adit expressed his love for her. He gave her a music box as a gift. Annisa then left for futher studies to Europe . Although far, and not approved by Adit’s mother, Annisa always holds to Adit’s promise.

After a few years, Annisa plans to surprise Adit by coming home to visit him. When she tries to meet him, she is surprised by what she saw. Adit comes out of his classroom holding hands with Lulu. She leaves the campus. Out of curiosity, she follows Adit wherever he goes.


Adit and his mom have just moved recently to a new house. It is in here that Adit and the mom has been haunted by a lady ghost. From an empty chair moving on its own, to voices of someone whispering at night, the ghosts becomes more aggressive every day. The haunting increases daily until Adit’s mom falls sick. An old lady living infront, who sees the dead, informs Adit that he has done a mistake in the past and it has come to haunt him now. Adit remembers Annisa and realizes that he has to leave Lulu to save his mother. Lulu is devastated and tries to commit suicide. At the same time, Annisa, Adit and his mother watches the TV about a report on a plane crash with no survivors.


Adit heads to the hospital to find out about Lulu’s condition. Adit sees the lady ghost walking towards Lulu. Adit remembers a promise he has made to Lulu as well “together forever”.

The terror continues for Adit. Will Adit be able to help Lulu and find out about Annisa and the promise?


» Price: RM19.90