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Location: /Chinese/Movie/DVD


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No In Set :  1
Barcode :  47442 2160 0019
Language :  Mandarin
Subtitle :  Chinese/Malay/English
Artist :  楊紫瓊Michelle Yeoh / 鄭雨盛Jung Woo-sung /

王學圻Wang Xue Qi / 徐熙媛Barbie Hsu / 余文樂Shawn Yue /

林熙蕾Kelly Lin
Genre Type :  Digital PAL
Genre Info :  古裝/動作 Costume / Action
Release Date :  26/11/2010
Weight KGs :  0.2
Synopsis :  







In 428AD, Bodhi, Prince of Southern India, becomes a Buddhist monk and sets off for China , earning a hallowed reputation as a mystical martial artist. Following his death, his remains mysteriously disappear. It is rumored that his remains contain the secret to obtaining limitless power and ruling the martial arts world.

Centuries later, The Dark Stone emerges as a team of deadly assassins; their best assassin is the ruthless, invincible Drizzle (Kelly Lin). On her latest mission, Drizzle takes out Zhang Hai Duan, a high-ranking court official. Zhang’s son, Ren Feng (Guo Xiao Dong), while mourning his father’s death, is also attacked and seemingly killed by Drizzle and her fellow assassins.

Drizzle’s life changes when she kills Lu Zhu (Calvin Li), a monk with whom she has unintentionally fallen in love. Lu Zhu, who loves her as well, attempts to persuade her to repent and quit The Dark Stone. To save her soul, he allows himself to be killed during the battle, achieving a pyrrhic victory and succeeding only in death. The pain of losing someone who cares about her prompts Drizzle to leave her old life behind.

After returning Bodhi’s remains to their rightful resting place at Yunhe Temple, Drizzle decides to go into hiding. She seeks out the legendary Doctor Li to give her a new face and identity: Zeng Jing (Michelle Yeoh).

Leading a peaceful life in Beijing as a civilian, Zeng eventually meets and falls in love with Jiang Ah-sheng (Jung Woo-sung). But the past comes back to haunt her as The Dark Stone offers a handsome reward for Bodhi’s remains and Drizzle’s capture, driving everyone in the martial world to search for her. A confrontation in Beijing unveils Zeng’s identity, and she knows that The Dark Stone, as well as her past, have finally caught up with her when she finds three Dark Stone assassins standing outside of her door one morning.

The merciless head of The Dark Stone, the Wheel King (Wang Xue Qi), has assigned a trio of his top assassins, Lei Bin (Shawn Yue), Zhan Qing (Barbie Hsu), and The Magician (Leon Dai) to kill those around Zeng as a warning and to offer her a choice: hand over Bodhi’s remains and walk away, or die…

Predictably, when Zeng Jing hands over the remains, the Wheel King reneges on his offer and tries to kill Zeng Jing. Unable to fend off the Dark Stone any further, Zeng collapses, but is saved by Jiang, who reveals his true identity: Zhang Ren Feng! He defeats the Dark Stone assassins and then tracks down and challenges the Wheel King to take revenge for his father’s murder.

This leads to a lethal triangle and a fight to the death between Zeng, Jiang, and The Dark Stone. Only one question remains: who will be the last one standing to uncover the secret of Bodhi’s remains?

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-D2160