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Location: /Japanese/Animation/DVD

» 蠟筆小新:風起雲湧!不理不理3分鐘大進攻:Crayon ShinChan(DVD)

蠟筆小新:風起雲湧!不理不理3分鐘大進攻:Crayon ShinChan(DVD)
» Product Information
No In Set :  1
Barcode :  01692 0011 0015
Language :  Mandarin / Malay
Subtitle :  Chinese/Malay
Artist :  Shinnosuke野原新之助 / Hiroshi Nohara野原廣志 / Misae Nohara野原美伢 / Himawari Nohara野原向日葵 / Shiro小白
Genre Type :  Digital NTSC
Genre Info :  Animation / Comedy 動畫/喜劇
Release Date :  04/01/2011
Weight KGs :  
Synopsis :


One day, a strong beam suddenly came out from a hanging scroll of Nohara family. It got attracted by the aroma of instant noodles and taking on Shin-chan’s monster toy as its body, it told them that it is a space-time coordinator who came from the future to look for emissaries in helping defeat the monsters which would destroy the present world within 3 minutes. Nohara family does help solved the crises, but due to stronger and more powerful monsters are on their way, Nohara family members started to be in disadvantageous position. Subsequent to parents’ injury, Shin-chan has no choice but to fight the super monster bravely; while he’s about to be defeated, there come Shin-chan’s idols Action Kamen, Kantam Robo, and even Buriburizaemon!

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-DS011