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» 单声 Cantabile

单声 Cantabile
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Language : Mandarin
No. of Disc : 1
Artist : Vivian 蔡亿雯
Genre : Music
Barcode: 6639261120123


Vivian 蔡忆雯,一个19岁的女生一直待在温室里的她,因为爱唱歌,勇敢的只身到台湾参加《华人星光大道》歌唱比赛,成功进入前16强。回到马来西亚,从大型舞台上累积了经验,对表演的方向更坚定;她不善辞令,不懂得卖弄词藻,却总是用心的用歌声把自己的感受唱出来,直到重新踏在《终极天王》的舞台上获得总冠军的肯定。


Vivian is a 19 years old girl with excellent competition experiences. She was on the top 16 of “HuaRen MillionStar” (华人星光大道), a famous Taiwan singing competition. She starts gaining attention from the public with her astonishing voice. With her talent, she became the very first champion of the “Ultimate Power Star” (终极天王) organized by 8TV. Vivian is always an introverted young girl with a voice that brings chaos.


单声 <稽查专用2>片尾曲 词:庄添兴 曲:许亮宇

有时候 爱会铭心刻骨 只是有太多 美中不足

·      师兄Henley许亮宇的创作,单声就像是一把自己对自己说话的声音,是单向、得不到回应的;现在的都市,寂寞的人很多,歌曲的铺陈突显了Vivian音质的穿透力,


“Dan Sheng”, 8TV theme song

·         Composed by a singer songwriter, Henley Hii.

“Dan Sheng” is like a voice in our heart talking to ourselves. It also explains a person’s loneliness; a kind of innocent give in that doesn’t gain any reply.

The song structure brings out her voice’s penetrating power.

This song also hit up the top 3 places on oneFM Top 30 Chart even before her EP was release.


离开 词:管启源  曲:宇珩

我是你 不经意的意外 结果我 还要对自己交代…”

·      黄金拍档,宇珩与管启源再次合作创作的另一抒情K歌,




“Li Kai”

·         Composed by a famous singer songwriter, Yu Heng.

The lyric simply annotate a person’s disappointment in a relationship.

The composer also arranges luxuriant but simple music that brings out the feeling of sadness and loneliness.

» Price: RM24.90

» Product Code: PMP-6112