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» 回应1997 REPLY 1997 (DVD)

回应1997  REPLY 1997 (DVD)
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回应1997 REPLY 1997 (DVD)

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No. of disc :


Episode (s) :

16 Episodes

Artist :

鄭恩智Jung Eun-ji (A Pink)/ 徐仁国Seo In-guk/ 李浩沅Hoya (Infinite)/

申素毓Shin So-yool/ 殷志源(水晶男孩)Eun Ji-won (Sechs Kies)/ 李施彦Lee Shi-un

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Genre :

愛情Romance/ 喜劇Comedy

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Barcode :

47591 3304 0013


2012年韩国电视剧。以H.O.T.和水晶男孩活跃的二十世纪90年代韩国为背景,讲述充满个性的6位高中生的成长故事。通过2012年30多岁的主人公们聚在一起陷入1997年开始的回忆故事而展开。独特的设定与充满情感的釜山方言、细致复古再现等成为电视剧的看点。2012年7月,釜山广安高中第38届同学会上,已经33岁的程诗源(鄭恩智A Pink 饰)和曾经的朋友们回忆起了充满青春躁动的高中时光。围绕着诗源一家及她的朋友们,记忆的帷幕在交错穿插的叙事间被渐次拉开。时光倒回1997年,诗源18岁,狂热的喜欢着H.O.T,被青梅竹马的郧云宰(徐仁国 饰)默默守护及暗恋而不自知。于是暗恋变成了苦恋。两人的身边聚集着江俊熙(李浩沅Infinite 饰)、道何灿(殷志源水晶男孩 饰)、毛友珍(申素毓 饰)、方胜才(李施彦 饰)等性格各异的好友,导师则是云宰优秀的哥哥太勇(宋宗浩 饰)。在那个能够为了一点小事赌上性命的年纪里,6个好友共同经历着友情、亲情和爱情的成长与蜕变,逐渐选择了不同的人生轨道。诗源外表可爱却有男孩子性格,云宰外表邪魅却痴情专一,两人虐恋堪比《我可能不会爱你》,无疑成为最大看点。15年后,33歲的他们再次相聚在同学会餐桌前,各自的人生方向与情感归宿被徐徐揭晓


There are 6 high school alumni who reminisce about the 90s. 15 years ago in 1997, the girls from Busan Gangnam high school were idolizes Boyband H.O.T, and the boys were crazy about Slam Dunk. Among the 6 graduates, Sung Si-won (Jung Eun-ji A Pink) and Yoon Yun-jae (Sea In-guk) are best friends; they were like brother and sister. Si-won is a big fan of Tony, a member of H.O.T; she has a tomboy style making her very simple-minded and not capable of lying. Yun-jae is the smartest student in Busan Gangnam high school. At the age of 11, his parents passed away and he lived with his older brother. Yun-jae who is very cold and strict about everything, falls in love with his best friend, Si-won. Fifteen years later, in the year of 2012, the six graduates meet up in front of a bar called in Hongdae, Seoul. The six graduates who became adults are mingled with friendship and love. Among these graduates, one couple makes an announcement about their marriage. Who are going to pass out the wedding invitation? The story begins with a fluttering heart like the first love experienced a long time ago.

» Price: RM79.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3304