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» 高小姐计划 Miss Conspirator (DVD)

高小姐计划 Miss Conspirator (DVD)
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高小姐计划 Miss Conspirator (DVD)

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高贤贞Ko Hyeon-jeong/ 刘海镇Yoo Hae Jin/ 成东日Sung Dong Il/

高昌锡Go Chang Suk/ 李文植/ Lee Moon Shik

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动作Action/ 剧情Drama/ 喜剧Comedy/ 爱情Romance

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47542 2315 0016



Chun Soo-ro is a sociophobic woman plagued by panic disorders. In the past, she relied on her only friend to help her, but her friend is about to leave for Japan now. At the Busan port terminal, Soo-ro suddenly suffers another panic attack. This time, a nun approaches Soo-ro and helps her with her medication. The nun asks Soo-ro to deliver flowers and a cake to a man that the nun confesses she loves.Chun Soo Ro agrees to make the delivery and goes to the hotel room where the man is staying. Nobody answers the door, but the hotel room door is unlocked and slightly ajar. Chun Soo Ro then walks into the hotel room to drop off the delivery. She is shocked to see a man stabbed to death in a chair. Three other men then enter the hotel room. Chun Soo Ro is able to hide when they entered and swiftly makes an escape.Unbeknownst to Chun Soo Ro, she is now a wanted person by the cops and two groups of menacing gangs. The cops want Chun Soo Ro as they believe she is part of a drug dealing operation, while the two gangs want Chun Soo Ro to retrieve the drugs that was supposed to be delivered in the cake box.

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-D2315