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» Like Father, Like Son 我的意外爸爸 (DVD)

Like Father, Like Son 我的意外爸爸 (DVD)
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我的意外爸爸 Like Father, Like Son (DVD)

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Fukuyama Masaharu 福山雅治/ Maki Yoko 真木陽子/ Ono Machiko 尾野真千子

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剧情 Drama/ 亲情Family

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68642 2154 0011


野野宮良多(福山雅治飾)在建築事務所工作,對於兒子慶多十分嚴格,因為自己對慶多的未來期望很深,因此不但讓他從很小的年紀就開始學鋼琴,還想盡辦法送他去最好的幼稚園,日常生活所需也都盡量供給他最好的一切;而慶多也十分聽從父親的安排。因此,事業經營的很成功的良多、妻子野野宮綠(尾野真千子飾)以及乖順的慶多,三人過著幸福美滿的日子。然而,就在慶多滿六歲、準備要上幼稚園的時候,野野宮家接到一通來自醫院的電話,讓原本十分美好的生活一夕變了調。因為醫院的失誤,野野宮家在六年前抱錯了嬰兒,野野宮夫婦全力教養和照顧的寶貝竟然和自己一點血緣關係都沒有。面臨同樣狀況的還有抱錯野野宮夫婦親生兒子的齋木夫婦(Lily Franky和真木陽子飾)。這兩個家庭對孩子採用的教養方式截然不同,然而當面對眼前來的如此突然的重大事件,兩對夫婦卻都是同樣的掙扎與痛苦。到底該如何處理這件事情?

Would you choose your natural son, or the son you believed was yours after spending 6 years together? A go-getting salary man Ryota Nonomiya (Masaharu Fukuyama) and his sleek wife Midori Nonomiya (Machiko Ono) live in a perfect modern house and have a little 6-year-old boy — their only child — whom they push hard educationally. Then the hospital sends the devastating news that their baby was mixed up six years ago with the child now being raised by another family, with other siblings: Yudai Saiki (Franky Lily), an amiable semi-slob who works behind the counter of a shop and his sensible wife Yukari Saiki (Yoko Maki). The slow, agonizing diplomatic process of meetings between the families begins, and Ryota hires a hotshot lawyer, ostensibly so that all four can unite to sue the hospital. But arrogant Ryota has an awful secret plan: snobbishly aghast at where his biological boy is being raised, and unwilling to relinquish the one he has naturally come to love, he is scheming somehow to prove legally that Yudai and Yukari are unfit parents so that he can take legal charge of both boys — or to make them a huge cash offer to let their son go to him....

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: GP-D2154 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON