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» The Tiger Mask 虎面人 (DVD)

The Tiger Mask  虎面人 (DVD)
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虎面人 The Tiger Mask (DVD)

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Eiji Wentz (WaT) 温兹瑛士/ Sho Aikawa 哀川翔/ Natsuna Watanabe 夏菜/

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68692 2153 0017


伊达直人(温兹瑛士) 从小和院长的女儿若月琉璃子(夏菜)及其他孩子们在孤儿院「儿童之家」长大。在他13岁那年,孤儿院因欠债被逼要关闭。在孤儿院关闭前,院长带着孤儿院的孩子们到動物園去最后一趟游玩。当经过動物園的老虎柵欄时,伊达直人凝望着老虎,心想着长大以后要像凶猛的老虎一样强大。接着,他遇上了神秘人X先生(哀川翔),X先生答应会帮助他变得强大,并把他带回一个神秘的地方「虎之穴」收养及培训。伊达直人在那接受各种辛苦的职业摔角手訓練。伊达直人长大后成为了职业摔角手,并被X先生授予「黑之虎面具」。在擂台上頭戴虎面具、身披金鎧甲的他凶狠無比,他技艺高超,很快就红遍摔角界。但私下卻一直沒忘記从小养育他的孤兒院。之后,成名后的他更将巨额奖金支援曾养育他的「儿童之家」。其间,伊达直人卻意外的发现自己捲入邪惡組織的金錢糾葛,身陷险境的他該怎样全身而退呢?他將會遇到什麼挑戰呢?

Naoto Date (Eiji Wentz WaT) is a 13-year-old orphan, who lives at an orphanage called Childrens Home with the Principles 13-year-old daughter, Ruriko Wakatsuki (Natsuna Watanabe) and other children. Unfortunately, the orphanage was going to be shut down due to an outstanding debt. Before that, the Principle brings all the children for one last trip to the local zoo. Naoto and Ruriko stop in front of the tiger enclosure, where Naoto makes a vow that hell one day become as strong as a tiger. Later, he has meets the mysterious Mister X, who promised to train him to become stronger, and bring Naoto to a place called Tigers Lair for training and lives at there. At Tigers Lair, Naoto has accepted a variety of hard training to become a professional wrestler. When Naoto had grew up, Mister X has granted him with the Black Tiger Mask. Naoto wearing the Black Tiger Mask & golden armor, he becomes extremely vicious in the wrestling ring. He was soon becomes popular with his skillful techniques. In Naotos mind, he has not forgotten the orphanage Childrens Home which adopted him in his childhood. After Naoto became fame, he had donated his huge sum of rewarded money to support Childrens Home. In the meantime, Naoto was surprised to find himself was involved in the illegitimate organizations money disputes. How dangerous is he to get rid of it? What are the challenges he will encounter next?

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: GP-D2153