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» Kundo : Age Of The Rampant 群盗:民乱的时代 (DVD)

Kundo : Age Of The Rampant  群盗:民乱的时代 (DVD)
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群盗:民乱的时代 Kundo : Age Of The Rampant (DVD)

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Ha Jung Woo 河正宇/ Kang Dong Won 姜东元/ Cho Jin Woong 赵镇雄/

Ma Dong Suk 马东锡

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动作Action/ 古装Epic

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47542 2332 0013


该片以19世纪的朝鲜时代为背景,讲述了专门劫富济贫的义贼团对决当权者的故事。先行曝光的一支长约1分钟的预告片以百姓的暴乱场面开篇,伴随着义贼的一番暴动宣言:天地间的所有人,都是兄弟姐妹,但现在,这个世界正在渐渐地成为当权者压迫弱者,富有之人榨取穷人的世界,我们要拯救这个世界,画面中出现了兵民对抗的乱世景象和劫富分粮的群盗义举。紧接着,挥舞着双刀,誓要取下那家伙项上人头的群盗首领图治(河正宇 饰)和念叨着那群家伙势头不小呀,但也只不过是些不入流的山贼的百姓之敌赵允(姜东元 饰)作为正反两派人物代表亮相。

The year is 1859. The late Joseon dynasty was a period of social and economic unrest in Korea, and it was also a time of great tyranny. Due to continuous natural disasters and poor harvests, poverty, hunger and death are rampant. The aristocrats rule the country and, concerned only with their own wealth, they exploit and persecute the poor.

In these turbulent times, a band of fighters named Kundo rise against the authorities. They raid corrupt officials, then share their booty with the vulnerable and impoverished. While the king stands powerless against them, Kundo becomes a figure of fear to undeserving nobles, and a ray of hope in the lives of long-suffering citizens. The members of Kundo believe that their cause is more important than their own lives.

In an era when one's status is decided by birth, Dolmuchi was born to a poor butcher, while Jo Yoon, though born as a noblemans son, is illegitimate. The two men strike a dangerous deal and Dolmuchi loses his mother and sister as a result. He is trampled by Jo Yoon who commands absolute power in his oppressive world. Bringing together the men who are on the fringes of this dark society, Dolmuchi is accepted as a member of Kundo and opens his eyes to the world.

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-D2332