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» Sing Again, Hera Gu 百折不撓具海拉 (DVD)

Sing Again, Hera Gu 百折不撓具海拉 (DVD)
» Product Information
Title 題目 Sing Again, Hera Gu 百折不撓具海拉 (DVD)
Language : Korean
Subtitle(s) : Chinese/Malay/English
Format : NTSC (TBC)
No. of disc : 4pcs
Episode (s) : Eps. 1-12
Artist :


Selling Price : RM 60.30
Release Date : 2015-08-04
Region Code : 3
Genre :

Musical音乐剧/ Romance爱情

Stock Code : PMP-D3322
Barcode : 47541 3322 0014


具海拉 (闵孝琳) 21岁。梦想成为一名歌手并唱她父亲创作的歌曲。具海拉和她儿时朋友姜世宗 (郭时阳) 与姜世灿 (郑振永) 参加电视台所举办的韩国超级巨星 2。

他们通过当地选拔赛并获得和被选择参与该节目。在选拔赛的礼拜海拉,世宗和世灿并与高世璐 (刘宪华),李友莉 (柳星恩) 和将军 (朴广善) 联手并组成一队来参加比赛。但由于突发事件,他们输了。他们也各自回到自己的日常生活。


Hae-Ra ( Min Hyo-Rin ) is 21-years-old. Her dream is to debut as a singer to let people know about her late father's musical compositions. Hae-Ra then takes part in the music TV contest program SuperstarK 2 with her childhood twin friends Se-Jong ( Kwak Si-Yang ) and Se-Chan ( Jin Young ).

They get through the local tryouts and are selected to take part in the program. At super week, Hae-Ra, Se-Jong and Se-Chan are teamed with Henry ( Henry ), Woo-Ri ( Yoo Sung-Eun ) and Jang Goon ( Park Kwang-Sun ), but due to unexpected incident they lose. They go back to their daily lives.

Several years later, through a shocking incident, the teams gather again and make their debut.

» Price: RM60.30

» Product Code: PMP-D3322