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» Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness 牙狼:照亮黑暗的人 (DVD)

Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness 牙狼:照亮黑暗的人 (DVD)
» Product Information
Title 題目 牙狼:照亮黑暗的人 Garo: The One Who Shines In The Darkness(DVD)
Language : Japanese/Malay
Subtitle(s) : Malay/English
Format : DVD
No. of disc : 3 pcs
Episode (s) : 25 Episodes (Live Animation)
Artist :

Wataru Kuriyama栗山 航/ Tsunenori Aoki青木 玄徳/ Junya Ikeda池田 純矢

Miki Nanri南里 美希/ Kohei Otomo大友 康平/ Hiroko Sato佐藤 寛子

Selling Price : RM52.90
Release Date : 2017-01-06
Region Code : All Region
Genre :

Fantasy科幻/ Action动作

Stock Code : PMP-D8006ME
Barcode : 47693 8006 0016


继承了黄金骑士牙狼称号的流浪魔戒骑士-道外流牙(栗山 航饰),在接收到一项指令后来到了一座位于火山深处、与外界隔绝的独立城市-Volcity。流牙因感受到火罗的气息,便在在一场婚礼当中,当着众多参加婚礼的来宾面前斩杀新娘,随后便遭到城市保安部队-SG1的追捕,亦因为流牙造成的这场骚动,让流牙察觉到这其中似乎隐藏着一个神秘的事件。当道外流牙成功逃过SG1的追捕后,由于没有栖身之地,仅能在外留宿。就在这个时候,一个熟悉的魔戒法师和两名魔戒骑士出现在面前

Yami o Terasu Mono takes place at some undetermined point in the future in Vol, a metropolis build around a volcano and infested by evil demons known as Horrors. Ryuga Dougai (Wataru Kuriyama), a Makai Knight who has inherited the title of Garo the Golden Knight, is tasked to hunt them down. However, the Garo Armor had long lost its golden radiance and it's not as powerful as it used to be. Joining forces with fellow Makai Knights Aguri and Takeru, along Makai Priests Burai and Rian, Ryuga confronts the dark side of the city that is plagued by a rare breed of Horrors called Madō Horrors, and the mystery behind why a portion of the Garo Armor's golden light is restored every time he destroys one of them.

» Price: RM52.90

» Product Code: PMP-D8006ME