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» Chicago Typewriter 芝加哥打字机 (DVD)

Chicago Typewriter 芝加哥打字机 (DVD)
» Product Information
Title 題目 芝加哥打字机 Chicago Typewriter(DVD)
Language : Korean
Subtitle(s) : Chinese/Malay/English
Format : DVD
No. of disc : 5 pcs
Episode (s) : 16 Episodes
Artist :

Yoo Ah-in刘亚仁/ Go Kyung-pyo高庚杓/ Im Soo-jung林秀晶/

Selling Price : RM74.90
Release Date : 2017-09-08
Region Code : All Region
Genre :

Fantasy 奇幻/ Romance浪漫/

Stock Code : PMP-D3337
Barcode : 47541 3337 0019


韩国畅销作家韩世主(刘亚仁饰),拥有自己的豪宅并雇用专业人员打理。在一场意外后,世主再也不能继续提笔写作了。起初,他和出版商都认为这一切会回到像以前一样,但是随着时间过去,出版社建议他雇用一位幕后编剧来写作。但当时愤怒的他却拒绝了。 某一天,他发现之前他写的手稿已经写好了,而且里面的内容都非常动人。 后来,世主成功的将那位为他完成手稿的幽灵作家俞晋伍 (高庚杓饰)捉住并希望他能继续将作品完成。 虽然最后俞晋伍答应了,但却附带了一个条件......

Se-joo (Yoo An-in), a bestseller writer worldwide, was having the perfect life until he hit a severe slump, not being able to write a word. At first, he and the publisher thought it would pass, but as the number of ‘wordless’ days increased, the publisher suggested him of hiring a ghostwriter. Furious with anger, Se-joo rejects. But one day, he realizes that his manuscript was written. The choice of words and the flow was just mesmerizing. Catching Jin-oh (Go Kyung-pyo) on the site ghostwriting on his typewriter, Se-joo uncontrollably asks him to write more. But Jin-oh laid one condition. “Please interfere with my girl’s love life.” ……

» Price: RM74.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3337