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» Full Count 爱情两好三坏

Full Count 爱情两好三坏
» Product Information
No In Set : 4
Barcode : 4734131740011
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Artist : Joanne Tseng 曾之喬, Andy Chen 陳奕, Joyce Zhao 趙虹喬, Tony Sun 孫協志
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Drama
Release Date : 25/01/2008
Weight KGs : 0.25
Synopsis :  

李克(陳奕飾)為了要向文姿(趙虹喬飾)告白,使出了『地獄搭訕百人斬』,在街頭搭訕100個女孩以訓練自己的膽識,因此認識了曉雪(曾之喬飾)。誤信『塔羅牌大師』的曉雪,認為自己遇到了真命天子,便拿出準備好的手銬,銬住了李克,讓李克失去了向文姿告白的機會。而同樣在追求文姿的孟學(孫協志飾),也在這一天向文姿告白,讓文姿黯然落淚,原來她的真命天子並非李克。追求文姿不成,孟學出言諷刺李克。而李克因受到刺激,工作態度180度轉變,只為了要向文姿證明自己是個可以依靠的男人。看到李克的轉變,文姿感到失落與傷感,因為她喜歡的是甘於平淡的李克,積極的李克反而令他們多了一點無形的距離。 從此,原本互相吸引的的兩人,卻因誤會而漸漸地形同陌路,距離越來越遠…。

Li Ke (Andy Chen) wants to confess his love to Wen Zi (Joyce Zhao) and get the idea to flirt with 100 girls in the street in order to strengthen his courage. And here, he had encountered with Xiao Xue (Joanna Tseng). An irresponsible prediction from an eccentric tarrot card girl leads Xiao Xue believes Li Ke is her true love and grasps him with her handcuff. As a result, Li Ke misses the chance to confess. In the meantime, Ming Xue (Tony Sun) confesses his love to Wen Zi on that day. It makes Wen Zi upset as she realises her true love is not Li Ke. Meng Xue has been sarcastic to Li Ke as he failed to get Wen Zi. Li Ke is shocked and changed his attitude in working in order to prove he is a capable man to Wen Zi. While seeing the radical hange of Li Ke, Wen Zi is more upset and frustrated. She likes Li Ke for who he is, but his dramatic change has widened their gap...Two people who are attracted to each other are now far apart...

» Price: RM79.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3174 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON