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» Garo: Makainohana 牙狼:魔戒之花 (DVD)

Garo: Makainohana 牙狼:魔戒之花 (DVD)
» Product Information
Title 題目 牙狼:魔戒之花 Garo: Makainohana (DVD)
Language : Japanese
Subtitle(s) : Chinese / Malay / English
Format : DVD
No. of disc : 3 pcs
Episode (s) : 25 Episodes
Artist :

Masei Nakayama中山麻圣/ Atomu Mizuishi水石亚飞梦/ Natsumi Ishibashi石桥菜津美/ Yukijiro Hotaru萤雪次郎/

Selling Price : RM59.90
Release Date : 2018-05-22
Region Code : All Region
Genre :

Live action真人动作片

Stock Code : PMP-D8007ME
Barcode : 47693 8007 0015



When the seal at the "Ady Slate" slab containing the ancient Horror Eyrith (Momoko Kuroki) is undone and she escapes, Raiga (Masei Nakayama) is partnered up with the Phantom Knight Crow (Atomu Mizuishi), and Mayuri (Natsumi Ishibashi), a young woman with the power to recapture the nine Horrors that were imprisoned with Eyrith as well in time to prevent her resurrection, as when Eyrith returns to life and her Makai Flower blooms, Messiah, the Ultimate Horror will return to bring doom the world.As the truth behind the unsealing of the Ady Slate is revealed, Raiga and his friends come face to face with the culprit, Eiji Busujima (Show Aikawa), a Shadow Knight known as Wicked Bones Knight Giru, also Crow's former master who is willing to use Eyrith's power to bring back his dead lover, Akari. They also learn the origins of Mayuri and the cruel fate that awaits her, and gain an unexpected ally with Darkness Hunter Bikuu (Sayaka Akimoto), who is on Eiji's trail for her own reasons, while they run against time to prevent the Makai Flower from blooming and the end of the world as well.

» Price: RM59.90

» Product Code: PMP-D8007ME