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» The Matrimony 心中有鬼

The Matrimony 心中有鬼
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No In Set : 2
Barcode : 4734220440037
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : Rene Liu劉若英, Fang Bing Bing范冰冰,Lron Lai 黎明
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 13/04/2007
Weight KGs : 0.12
Synopsis :  

君初和曼麗早就論及婚嫁,奈何一場車禍,天人永隔,君初因此整個人崩潰,鎮日關在陰森幽闊的老宅子里回想從前。母親半哄半騙逼他和三三辦了婚事,盼望能藉此跳脫厄摺]想到君初益加懊喪,更駭人的事,這棟老宅子,總在出人不意時,傳來細碎的低語,莫名的噪音,甚至,慘的魅影。。。儘管害怕,三三咬牙頂住,她還是個小姑娘時,就已愛上這位斯文俊郎的沈家少爺,卻不敢想望有一天真能成為他的妻!她萬般珍惜這段糊塗姻緣,小心翼翼呵護著、捍衛著,即使君初再刻薄,她總笑臉相迎;只盼有一天,君初會喚她一聲妻。君初終不堪往事糾纏,精神耗弱病倒,命在旦夕。聽著君初輾轉病榻,仍不斷呼求曼麗的名,三三決定了;她紅著眼眶,奔回老宅,狂喊著要陰魂不散的曼麗現身!只要能救君初一命,要她怎么樣都行。。。 三三和曼麗都愛著君初,為了救回心愛的人,她們推心置腹。三三讓曼麗的魂魄占據身體,曼麗因此能前往醫院探君初。。。兩人相見,涕零難舍,恍若夢中。君初的病漸漸好了起來,對三三逐漸產生好感,終拋開過去,打算跟三三好好過日子。但鬼魂曼麗卻嫉火中燒,逐漸走向黑暗。她化為厲鬼,活生生嚇瘋了被她視為始作佣者的沈母,甚至不惜要帶走她畢生的至愛君初。。。

Jun Chu and Man Li are planning to get married. Unfortunately, an accident caused them apart. Jun Chu starts to fall into depression because of what had happened. He hides himself in the old house and refuses to forget his past. His mother persuades him to get married with San San so that he can forget the past. Unexpectedly, Jun Chu becomes more upset afterwards. Apart from that, there are always strange noises coming from the old house and sometimes even the spirits can be seen wandering around it. Although it is disturbing, San San is willing to tolerate all this. She has admired Jun Chu since she was young, she never thought that she would become his wife, therefore she is really thankful with this given fate. Although Jun Chu didn't treat her well, she still loves him. She really hopes that one day Jun Chu will call her as "Wife". Since he couldn't forget his past after so long, Jun Chu falls sick and he is on the verge of dying. Although Jun Chu is sick, he keeps calling Man Li's name. Seeing him suffering, San San decides to find Man Li and she runs back towards the old house. With tears, she shouts for Man Li to show up. She promised that she will do anything as long as Jun Chu can be saved.

» Price: RM16.90