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No In Set : 2
Barcode : 6824220010038
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : D.L Hunghley, Paul Rodriguez, Angie Everhart, Garielle Reece
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 18/09/2006
Weight KGs : 0.12
Synopsis :  

A small-time hustler and beachcomber maned Billy Cole, feeling the pressure to make a big score and justify his existence, has an epiphany while watching a women's professional volleyball game on television at a strip club. Approaching a diverse group of the strippers in the dressing room, he convinces four of them to switch venues and form an AVP(Association of Volleyball Professionals)women's team. To help train and promote his exotic squad, Billy enlists the help of his adopted som Tenspot, a colorful limousine driver, and Jackson, a former college athlete whose love of lazy beach culture limousine driver, and Jackson, a former college athlete whose love of lazy beach culture has turned him into Billy's ideal business protege. He secures the meager financial backing of his employer, a Hispanic nursery owner masquerading as a Chinaman named Wong, and sets to work. The girls are terrible volleyball players, a fact easily overlooked by Billy. Once they have bared their breasts on the volleyball court, they are soon in demand as entertainment for bawdy beach parties. Billy enters them in atournament, and they become a crowd favorite to the considerable dismay of Christina Hanson, an ex-Olympian pro player trying to advance the sport seriously. After a degrading experience at a bachelor patry. Billy and the "Bonsais" begin to train seriously and soon become a competitive unit. The Bonsals enter ja major tournament and begin to win. When one of them is injured, Julie, a former college star-turned- stripper, steps in and faces former teammate Christina in the championship game. Despite being injured herself, Julie leads the BOnsais to an improbable victory, and a future away from the strip club.

» Price: RM16.90

» Product Code: GP-2001CM OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON