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No In Set : 2
Barcode : 3324200120038
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese / English
Genre Type : Thriller
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 22/10/2004
Weight KGs : 0.1
Synopsis :  

Jessie(Romijin Stamosi)與Paul Duncan(Kinnear)的八歲兒子Adam在生日那天不辛去世。就在他們最悲傷的時後,一位基因遺傳醫學的權威Richard找上他們,他打算違反大自然的規則,複制他們的孩子。複制的結果十分成功,Adam在Richard的細心監視下健康快樂成長。隨著日子的過去。Duncan漸漸發新的Adam和死去的Adam有著微小的差別。一直到他八歲生日後,這中差別變得越來越明顯。Adam開始變得難以親近,令人擔心還有具有攻擊性。Adam開始腺露出他恐怖,陰險,可怕的面目。Paul和Jessie不能逃避這個Adam是不同的事實,現在他們為八年前所作出的決定付出代价,他們將會有什麼樣的結果呢?

Following the death of their eight year old son on his birthday, Jessie (Romijn-Stamos) and Paul Duncan (Kinner) are befriended by a doctor on the forefront of genetic research Richard (Deniro) at the height of their mourning. He leads the couple in a desperate attempt to reverse the rules of nature and clone their son. The experiment is successful and under Richard's watchful eye, Adam grows into a healthy and happy young boy, until his 8th birthday. As time goes by, the Duncan's gradually start to see small, subtle differences between the new Adam and the Adam they lost. At the time of the new Adam's eighth birthday, the changes in character are more pronounced. Adam grows distant and fearful as a palpable sense of menace settles within the young boy. This Adam begins to suffer from night terrors and frightening flashbacks as a sinister personality begins to emerge. Paul and Jessie cannot escape the fact that this Adam is different. Terror settles on the couple as they try to come to terms with just what they have done, or what has been done to them.

» Price: RM16.90

» Product Code: IF-012 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON