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» The Dark Hours

The Dark Hours
» Product Information
No In Set : 2
Barcode : 4724220410031
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese / English
Artist : Kate Greenhouse, Aidan Devine
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 14/06/2006
Weight KGs : 0.12
Synopsis :  

Dr. Samantha Goodman, an attractive hard-working psychiatrist, joins her husband and sister for a weekend at a winter cottahe where they are joined by an unexpected guest. Harlan Pyne, a violent sexual offender who is convinced that Samantha conducted unethical experiments on him while she was his doctor. With the assistance of his troubled yet eager protege, Harian forces Samantha and her family to participate in a series of nightmarish games- games tinged with psychological and physical torture that are designed to both deliver the truth and reap vengeance. They are compelled to play "Truth or Dare" where in Harian forces out the little secrets everyone is hiding:David's lust for Melody, Melody's envy of her sister, and Samantha has a tumor similar to his, and that she was testing a now drug on him which put him into the coma. When he awoke th edemons he had to face led him to acts of violence and terror. In the belief that her experiments on Harian had led her to find the right dosage Samantha has been taking the drug herself... On this night of terror, Samantha will learn that escape is not an option, and that the truth is more terrifying than anything we can imagine.

» Price: RM16.90