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» War Of The Dragon

War Of The Dragon
» Product Information
No In Set : 2
Barcode : 4724220760037
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : Robert Forster, Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 14/08/2008
Weight KGs : 0.2
Synopsis :  

The story begins with Ethan Kendrick, a TV reporter who is closely following a series of unexplainable disasters occurring in his area. During his investigation, Ethan notices the FBI investigator dusting off a specimen with a brush which looks like a giant dinosaur fossil or scale. It reminds him of a legend… When Ethan was a boy, he met an old man named Jack at an antique shop. The old man tells him a story that most have presumed to be merely a legend. The legend speaks of a young woman who is born every 500 years with a gift called the Yuh Yi Joo.
The gift will completely form inside her by the time she turns twenty. An Imoogi who possesses the gift can transform itself into a dragon. An old monk and his disciple are the only two who believe this legend and try to protect the Yuh Yi Joo bearing girl. Haram, the warrior who is in charge of protecting the girl falls in love with her. Instead of sacrificing her to the Imoogi, the two lovers plunge to their deaths. Jack tells Ethan, he is the chosen warrior and he must find a girl named Sarah, who bears the mark of a dragon on her shoulder. While Ethan searches for the mysterious girl named Sarah, FBI also finally finds out that the disaster and scale are related to Sarah. Worst still, the evil Imoogi, named Buraki has appeared in Los Angeles with its army of foot soldier and beast. Ethan must protect Sarah from the Imoogi and save the city from total destruction.

Ethan must ultimately choose between love and destiny…

» Price: RM19.90