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» Brave Story 勇者物语

Brave Story 勇者物语
» Product Information
No In Set : 1
Barcode : 6864320320019
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Artist : -
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Animation Movie
Release Date : 12/12/2007
Weight KGs : 0.2
Synopsis :  

為了尋回破碎的家庭,小亙跨過了那扇門,從現世來到了幻界。原本只是為了實現自己的一個心願,怎知在前方等待他的,竟是世界瓦解的危機。平凡的11歲少年小亙,在平靜的生活中突然面臨父親拋棄家庭、母親意圖自殺的重大轉變,想要恢復往日的美好家庭、改變命叩奈ㄒ环椒ㄖ挥幸粋€,那就是穿過連接“現世”與“幻界”的門,來到「幻界」得到命吲竦膸椭淖冏约罕瘧K的命摺? 門的那一邊,是一個彷彿匯集了世間所有不可思議之事的奇幻國度「幻界」,在那裡,小亙展開了他的冒險──來自螺絲野狼的攻擊、被指控為綁架犯而遭逮捕入獄、怪獸的出現、幻影的陷阱… 接二連三的驚奇、令人興奮的邂逅、一場又一場的驚險打鬥。這些來到幻界的人,為了爭奪這唯一的希望,踏上了互相爭鬥、廝殺的道路。「你到幻界來的目的是什麼?難道就是為了和幻界這些人做朋友嗎?」為了改變自己的命撸缫徊竭M入幻界成為魔導士,為達目的不擇手段的美鶴,如此尖銳質問著小亙。原以為只要為了找回家人,為了讓心願實現,要自己做什麼都可以,但是在前方等著他的,卻是可能令世界瓦解的危機。他能夠拯救幻界嗎?他能夠改變現世的命邌幔?

On a day that starts out like any other, Wataru, an 11-year-old boy's life is changed forever when his parent decides to divorce and his mother tries to commit suicide. The only way to reunite his family again is to enter the “fantasy world” through a magic gateway and searches for the help of deity to change his adverseness. There is a “fantasy world” which gathers all the inconceivable incidents in the world behind the door. Throughout Wataru’s adventures, he was attacked by wolves; being jailed for impeached as a kidnaper; encountered various monsters; fought with the trap of shadows…Wataru starts to realize those who come to the fantasy word is fighting and killing each other to fulfill their wishes. [What’s your purpose to be in the fantasy world? Is that to be friend with the fellows in this world?] Mitsuru questioned Wataru. Mitsuru is a sorcerer who comes to the fantasy world and pursues his goal unscrupulously to change his destiny. At first, Wataru thought that he willing to do anything to fulfill his wish. However, he might be encountered in a crisis of world annihilation. Is he able to save the world? Can he change his destiny?

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: GP-D2032 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON