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» Kekkaishi 结界师

Kekkaishi 结界师
» Product Information
No In Set : 3
Barcode : 364300150019
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Artist : Hiroyuki Yoshino 吉野裕行, Rie Saito 齐藤黎绘, Manabu Muraji 石井正则, Masako Nozawa 田中正弓, Miyuki Kawasho 川庄美雪, Saya Kazuki 和希沙也
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Animation Series
Release Date : 7/01/2008
Weight KGs : 0.25
Synopsis :  


Yoshimori Sumimura was born i the Sumimura family, a clan of Kekkaishi that have rid the world of monster for over 400 years. The mark of the back of his hand is symbol that he is a true inheritor of the Kekkaishi power. His neighbor is Tokine Yukimura, from another Kekkaishi family called Yukimura. Both of them study during the day at Karasumori Private School, and hunt monsters, exterminating them with Kekkaijutsu at night. The Hazama-Ryu Kekkaijitsu, the technique to exterminate the monsters was created by Tokimori Hazama. To execute the Kekkujitsu, Kekkaishi must aim at a target with "Hou-i" first, then choose the size of the target area with "Teiso", and entrap the monster with "Ketsu" and finally destroys the monster with "Metsu". In the past battle, Tokine saved Yoshimori's life, but was injured seriously in the process. From then Yoshimori has sworn to protect his friend Tokine. Unfortunately, Yoshimori frequently misuses his power, leading to dangerous situations that Tokine has to rescue him from. The Kokubourou, a group of monsters, seeks to harness the power of Karasumori, while the Urakai, a group of humans with extraordinary powers, seek the power of Karasumori for themselves. The story of Kekkaishi revolves around the battle between the Kekkaishi and the monsters, the alliance formed between the Kokubourou and Urakai, and other hidden plots.

» Price: RM69.90