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Location: /Japanese/Animation/VCD

» Crayon ShinChan 蠟筆小新 20

Crayon ShinChan 蠟筆小新 20
» Product Information
No In Set :2
Barcode :167300012031
Language :Mandarin / Malay
Subtitle :English
Artist :-
Genre Type :N/A
Genre Info :Animation Series
Release Date :31/01/2007
Weight KGs :0.12
Synopsis : 

VOL 20-1 1. 我是刑警 Saya seorang penyiasat I am a detective 2. 新娘子來了 Pengantin perempuan disini The bride is here 3. 練習賽跑 Saya seorang pelari I am a runner 4. 邉訒浻坝?lt;br> Hari sukan Sports day video taking 5. 媽媽減肥記 Mama jaga badan Mummy is dieting VOL 20-2 1. 野外體能競技 Lawatan luar fizika l Outdoor physical tournament 2. 爸爸的眉毛不見了 Mana kening papa? Where is papa's eyebrowm? 3. 抬神轎 Membawa "God Sedan" Carrying the God Sedan 4. 參加拍賣會 Mengambil bahagian di pasar lambak Paticipate in a freed market 5. 在拍賣會買東西了 Menjalankan perniagaan pasar lambak Doing business in the freed market

» Price: RM16.90

» Product Code: PMP-S001-20 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON