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Location: /Japanese/Animation/VCD

» Crayon ShinChan 蠟筆小新 23

Crayon ShinChan 蠟筆小新 23
» Product Information
No In Set :2
Barcode :167300012338
Language :Mandarin / Malay
Subtitle :English
Artist :-
Genre Type :N/A
Genre Info :Animation Series
Release Date :14/03/2007
Weight KGs :0.12
Synopsis : 

VOL. 23-1 1. 做餅干囉 Makan biskut It's cookies time! 2. 松阪老師的相親 Cikgu membuat temu janji Teacher's match-making appoinment 3. 選舉真辛苦 Mengundi ialah masalah besar Election is a serious matter 4. 織毛衣 Seronok menjahit Knitting a sweater 5. 坐電車 Menaiki keretapi yang sesak Riding on a crowded train VOL. 23-2 1. 去爸爸的公司玩 Melawat pejabat papa A visit to daddy's office 2. 服裝秀表演 Pertunjukkan Fesyen Fashion show adventure 3. 幼稚園大掃除 Gotong royong di tadika Kindergarden spring cleaning 4. 除夕夜的鐘?lt;br> Sorakan pada Hari Tahun Baru The sound of New Year's Eve 5. 爺爺、奶奶來訪 Datuk dan nenek datang Here comes grandparents!

» Price: RM16.90

» Product Code: PMP-S001-23 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON