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» Crayon ShinChan The Movie: The Ambition of Dark Cloud Religion 蠟筆小新之雲黑齋的野心

Crayon ShinChan The Movie: The Ambition of Dark Cloud Religion 蠟筆小新之雲黑齋的野心
» Product Information
No In Set :2
Barcode :167200040035
Language :Mandarin / Malay
Subtitle :English
Artist :N/A
Genre Type :N/A
Genre Info :Animation
Release Date :1/01/2007
Weight KGs :0.12
Synopsis : 

未來人歇魯跑到日本的鞋國時代改變了歷史,時空巡邏隊鈴可發 現了異狀,正預備前往,沒想到時光隧道中遭受到攻擊,不小心掉 進二十世紀的小新家。鈴可藉由小白向野原一家求教,煲霸? 一家踏上時光之旅回到戰國時代,遇見了吹雪丸的他們,輿他一 同前往雲黑域,打倒化身為雲黑齊改變歷史的壞蛋歇魯,沒想到 的是歇魯居然躲過攻擊,逃到了二十世紀。原以為可以回到家鄉 的野原一家,回到二十世紀后,發現時代已經被改變了,又是歇魯 傅埂!!!?br>

Human from future, Xie Lu time- traveled to the warrior age of Japan and intends to amend the history. The time control patrol team lead by Ling Ke found out about it and head on to stop Xie Lu. They were attack in the time tunnel and fell into Shinchan's home in 20th century by chance. Ling Ke seeks Nohara family's help. Nohara family goes back to the warrior age and they met up with Chui Xue Wan to go to the Dark Cloud City together. They beat up Xie Lu who had changed the historu. Xie Lu managed to escape into the 20th century. Nohara's family thought that they could go back to their hometown, but they realized that the era has been changed due to Xie Lu's doing. Will the Nohara family able to return to their original era?

» Price: RM16.90