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» Janggeum's Dream 長今之夢

Janggeum's Dream 長今之夢
» Product Information
No In Set : 3
Barcode : 4759331430012
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English / Malay
Artist : -
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Animation Series
Release Date : 10/05/2007
Weight KGs : 0.2
Synopsis :  

《長今夢-大長今》以電視劇 【大長今】的主角-長今的孩童時代 為焦點,并加入新的劇情、人物,而劇中的小狗、烏龜、小駝鳥 等動物都賦予表情,讓小朋友也能夠樂在其中,遠到寓教於樂 的目的。繼電視劇》大長今《之後,希望動畫》大長今-長今之 夢《能夠帶給大家不同於電視劇的共鳴輿感動。 在16世紀初的朝鮮王朝。一位12歲小女孩-長今,她從小夢想 ,就是做出能夠讓大家幸福的美味料理。有一天,因為不小心 闖入正在辦喜宴的大官宅邸,並把宴會用的麵條打翻,為了彌 補這過失,長今以玉米糊製作成麵條。這個麵條的樣子雖然難 看,但是正巧駕臨的殿下吃了卻讚不絕口。就在這樣的機緣下 ,獲得入宮應試的機會。長今在入宮之後,接受嚴格的修業,並 遇到刺客想要奪取她的性命,在各種困難的挑戰俠,長今仍一 本初衷,保持樂觀心態,并展現他過人的堅強意志,勇敢面對 重重難關,並在許多人的支持下,不斷地向上成長。。。

By using the main character in ,cartoon portrays the childhood life of Jang-geum as its focal point, additional with new story and characters. The puppy, turtle and small ostrich that appear in this story are full of facial expressions and it will definitely bring joys to children while delivering healthy messages to them. The animation cartoon hopes to bring joy and happiness to the audiences that's different from the television series. During the begining of sixteen century, Kingdom of North Korea, there is a twelve years-old little girl named Jang-geum. She always dreams to make the most delicious cuisine that can bring happiness to everyone since she was young. One day, she accedentally trespasses into the house of a government officer which is holding a wedding ceremony. She overturns the noodles. Although the noodles look ugly, after the King who attended this wedding ceremony tried it, he loves it very much. Therefore, Jang-geum got the chance to get promoted into the palace. After Jang-geum got into the palace, she not only needs to undergo strict training but also need to protect herself from killers. Facing all the difficulties that's challenging, Jang-geum still accept it with heart that's optimistic and shows her strong determination to overcome the difficulties with a lot of supportive from everyone...

» Price: RM59.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3143 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON