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» Masked Rider Ryuki 蒙面超人龍騎 Pt.2 (Episode 26-50)

Masked Rider Ryuki  蒙面超人龍騎 Pt.2 (Episode 26-50)
» Product Information
No In Set : 9
Barcode : 4768330850233
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese
Artist : Kido Shinji城戸真司, Akiyama Ren秋山蓮, Sudo Masashi須藤雅史, Kitaoka Syuichi北岡秀一,Miyuki Teduka手塚海之
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Animation Series
Release Date : 28/12/2005
Weight KGs : 0.29
Synopsis :  


“Mirror World” exists symmetrically beyond an invisible mirror in space, and an exact copy of our human world, where only monsters can dwell. Evil monsters frequently cross the mirror and attack our world. Only Masked Riders who make a contract with a specific monster and obtain special power from the monster can enter “Mirror World” and fight against evil monsters with the help of “Advent Card.” Shinji Kido, a journalist, contracts with Dragon, and becomes Masked Rider Ryuki. He fights a fierce battle with evil monsters. Many Masked Riders appears one after another, and fight to satisfy their own aims. However, only one Masked Rider can outlive others. Thus, it is their fate to keep fighting to the last man.

» Price: RM79.90

» Product Code: PMP-3085-02 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON