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Location: /Korean/Drama/VCD

» Snow Queen 雪之女王

Snow Queen 雪之女王
» Product Information
No In Set : 16
Barcode : 4759131470034
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : 成宥利 Sung Yu-li, 玄彬 Hyun Bin
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Drama
Release Date : 12/06/2007
Weight KGs : 0.47
Synopsis :  


He is a mathematic genius boxer while she is a daughter of a rich family who has an incurable disease. Although both of them have different backgrounds, yet in a way they are similar to each other. They are both cold at heart that is hard to melt by others. Thus, what is the beam that could melt their frozen heart? Will it be too naive to say that it is love? As an adult, when we flip through the fairy tales books, we will have different views compared to when we were kids. We will know the truth that can never be changed in our life. Besides, we will realize that there are still a lot of things to learn in our life. Even after being an adult, we are still in the process of growing up. Both male and female characters Tae-woong and Bo-ra don't believe in fairy tales after being hurt during childhood. They are just like the kids that had been stopped growing. Until the time they fall in love with each other, they start to realize the beauty of life and here, they started growing again. Seeing the children growing day by day is the greatest happiness of all the parents. Hopefull by watching both of them growing, you will feel the happiness bringing out by this drama series.

» Price: RM119.90