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Location: /Korean/Drama/VCD

» Couple or Trouble 夢幻情侶

Couple or Trouble 夢幻情侶
» Product Information
No In Set : 16
Barcode : 4759131500038
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : Oh Ji-ho 吳志浩, Han Ye-seul, Kim Seong-min 金盛民, Park Han-byul 樸寒星
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Drama
Release Date : 20/06/2007
Weight KGs : 0.47
Synopsis :  

趙安娜很小父母雙亡,撫著她長大的奶奶也在她12歲時 去世,有著大筆的遺產。因為沒有親人,只有一群看中她 財產的親屬,使得她長大後,變成了一個傲慢自大不懂 得體貼人,只會把別人當僕人看的囂張女人。就連她唯 一的親人,她的丈夫比利都一心想要離開她。張哲秀是 一名普通的平凡男子,和朋友經營著一間規模非常小的 公司。因為要撫養去世的哥哥留下的三名姪子,生活過 的很艱辛,初戀情人也為此離開了他。就是這樣毫不相 關的兩個人卻遇到了一起,把俗到不能的失憶情節,玩 出了新意。失憶的傲慢女人和厚臉皮的男人,演繹了一 齣熱鬧的愛情喜劇!

Cho Anna's parents have passed away while she was a child. Her grandmother who looked after her through the years left her huge amount of inheritance when she was twelve. Since she is an orphan and all her relatives are only aiming for her wealth, she becomes an arrogant, inconsiderate and a grouchy woman who treats others as her servants. Even her husband (Billy) plans to get rid of her. On the other hands, Jang Cheol-su is an ordinary guy who runs a small company with his friend. He's working so hard to look after his 3 nephews left by his elder brother. Moreover, his first lover has left him. The encounter of both unrelated characters has created a new fun in the old amnesia plot. An arrogant woman with amnesia and a cheeky bumpkin have brought out a hectic love comedy!

» Price: RM109.90