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» Mr. Goodbye 再見先生

Mr. Goodbye 再見先生
» Product Information
No In Set : 16
Barcode : 4758131510030
Language : Korean / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese
Artist : Ahn Jae-wook 安在旭, Lee Bo-yeong 李寶英
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Drama
Release Date : 30/05/2007
Weight KGs : 0.46
Synopsis :  

尹玄瑞(安在旭飾)從小患有嚴重的心臟病,被親生父母遺棄後,養父母把他帶到美國,長大后成為連銷酒店的重要人物,成就令人羨慕。他因公事被派到韓國分公司,卻在飛機上因心臟病發,受到崔鈴菌(李寶英飾)的照顧。兩人逐漸擦出火花。但他並不知道死亡正悄悄向他走來。。。 一個即將離開人世的男人,來到了韓國,找到了深愛的女人,遇到了之前不知道存在的兒子,還有拋棄自己的生母。一直以為自己舉母親的他,卻在不知不覺中成為他人的戀人、父親、兒子。。。。 這場接近死亡的愛情故事該如何結束?

Yoon Hyun Suh (played by Ahn Jae Wook) is an adoptee who grows up in the United States. He becomes successful as a top manager of a hotel chain. He is assigned to do business in Korea. He falls in love with Choi Young In (played by Lee Bo Young), a sassy concierge from the hotel he is assigned to. There is trouble still looming because Kang Soo Jin (played by Oh Yoon Ah) who is Hyun Suh's best friend's ex-wife comes back with vengeance in mind. The three become entagled in this love triangle

» Price: RM119.90

» Product Code: PMP-3151 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON