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» The Letter Of Death 死亡信件

The Letter Of Death 死亡信件
» Product Information
No In Set :2
Barcode :6884220220035
Language :Thai
Subtitle :Chinese / Malay
Artist :Maha Samuth Boonyarak, Chollada Mekratree
Genre Type :N/A
Genre Info :Movie
Release Date :7/06/2007
Weight KGs :0.12
Synopsis : 

畢業后,Seree每年都會和舊同學相約在一起聚會。這一次,當聚會結束后,Seree接到了一通舊同學Chaiwat打 來的電話,Chaiwat是一名警探,他約了Seree在他的住 所見面。當Seree到達時,Chaiwat告訴了她一些很奇怪 的話,但Chaiwat還沒把話說完就離奇的死亡。Seree發 現在Chaiwai的身邊留下了一片光碟,一封信及一個遊戲 ,如果不能在限定的時間里完成這個遊戲的話,就會死 亡。看著所有的舊同學一個個的慘死,Seree決定要輿魔 鬼搏鬥,挽回自己輿他人的生命。。。

After a decade, a group of high school friends met up for a reunion, not knowing that a sinister plan is in hand. After the party, Seree, receives a phone call from the police officer Chaiwat, an old classmate, asking him meet at his condominium. As soon as Seree arrives, Chaiwat tells him about something menacing but before he could finish, Chaiwat dies mysteriously in front of him, leaving him a VCD claimed to contain all information and a chain letter containing a quiz. The VCD shows the death of many people; interestingly they are all their high school classmates. All the dead got a chain letter containing a quiz they had to answer in limited time to avoid death. One by one the high school mates dies leaving the rest to race against time to save their life.

» Price: RM16.90

» Product Code: GP-2022CM