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» Keys To The House 敲開我心門

Keys To The House  敲開我心門
» Product Information
No In Set : 2
Barcode : 4704220090037
Language : Italian
Subtitle : Chinese / English
Artist : Kim Rossi Stuart, Charlotte Rampling, Andrea Rossi
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 6/09/2005
Weight KGs : 0.11
Synopsis :  

你是我曾經擁有的甜蜜過去,我要做你快樂幸福的永遠未來...... 【敲開我心門】劇本,是根據義大利知名小說家Giuseppe Pontiggia的暢銷小說《重生》(Born Twice)所改編。電影就從火車緩緩滑入慕尼黑火車站開始,英俊帥氣的傑尼懷著焦急不安的心情等待著他以前和初戀女友所生、卻從未置娴膬鹤颖A_。15年前,當醫生宣佈他女友救不活了,而他的子又帶著殘疾出生時,雙重殘酷的打擊讓無法接受事實的傑尼幾近崩潰、落荒而逃。15年後,已成家立業的傑尼在歷經掙扎後,終於想迎回他的兒子、為他治療,以彌補他長久以來心中的虧欠。只是他日漸懂事獨立的兒子能夠量解他父親曾棄他而去的過去嗎?血濃於水的父子倆人此時想要了解彼此、互相打開對方心門時,但他們的過去會成為一把利鎖,讓他們更形遠離?還是會是一把鑰匙,成功拉近他們呢?

A young father, a precious son, an emotional journey The key to one's house are often the keys to one's heart... Inspired by Giuseppe Pontiggia's novel, Born Twice, Keys To The House is the touching story of a young father forging a relationship with his handicapped son. Gianni (Kim Rossi Stuart) has never seen his son Paolo, who is disabled. But Fate makes them meet, Gianni accompanies him to Germany where the child can follow a new therapy...It is also a trip where the young father tries to catch up with the relationship with his son. In hospital Gianni meets a women (Charlotte Rampling) who has a also a disabled daughter, a women which teaches him very much about accepting differences. This is a pretty film which has the goal of showing problems the way they are, without exaggerations. There's much reality and humanity.

» Price: RM16.90