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» Painted Skin 画皮

Painted Skin 画皮
» Product Information
No In Set : 2
Barcode : 4744220830036
Language : Cantonese / Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / Malay
Artist : 甄子丹, 周迅 , 陈坤 , 赵薇, 孙俪, 戚玉武
Genre Type : N/A
Genre Info : Movie
Release Date : 01/12/2008
Weight KGs : 0.3
Synopsis :  

The story is adapted from the ancient Chinese clasic "Ghost Stories"

During the Chin and Han era, Commande Wang Sheng leads his troops in a raid on bandits in the desert, in the process he rescues a beautiful woman and brings her back with the. However, he no idea that this woman (Xiao Wei) is in fact a fox spirit in human form. Xiao Wei needs a regular supply of human hearts to maintain her human form, and the tasks falls on her helper Xiao Yi - a desert chameleon who is also taken o human form and has the special ability to melt into his environment. To prove his love and devotion to Xiao We, he carries out a spare of murders in order to provide her with human hearts, this terrorizes the whole city.

Mean while Xiao Wei has fallen in love with Wang Sheng, after being impressed with his galant attempt in rescuing her, She keeps trying to seduce Wang in an effort to steal him from his wife Pei Rong, Pei Rong finds out about Xiao Wei's fellings for her husband, she also discovers that Xiao Wei is not human, so she secretly approaches martial expert Pang Rong and demon carcher Xia Bing for Help...

Subsquently a drama unfolds that delves into intricate emotions and relaionships between man and demon, love and passion, loyaly and temptation, treachery and integrity, ending in a finale with a surprisig twist.


  秦汉年间,都尉王生率王家军在西域与沙匪激战中救回一绝色女子,并带回江都王府。不想此女乃“九霄美狐”小唯披人皮所变。其皮必须用人心养护,故小唯的隐形助手小易, 一只沙漠蜥蜴修成的妖,每隔几天便杀人取心供奉小唯,以表对小唯的爱意,江都城因此陷入一片恐怖中。小唯因王家军首领王生勇猛英俊对其萌生爱意,并不停用妖术诱惑王生,想取代王生妻子佩容的地位。

  佩容发现小唯爱恋自己的丈夫,并觉察到她不是常人,于是暗中求助庞勇和冰清玉洁的降魔者夏冰救助王生。   自此,一场人妖之间,人伦之间 ,纯情男女之间,兄弟之间,妖魔之间错综复杂的诱惑、抗争、情仇、生死大战在看似平稳的外表下徐徐拉开。,结局出人意料……

» Price: RM19.90