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No In Set :  1 DVD
Barcode :  682422059001
Language :  English
Subtitle :  English, Malay, Chinese
Artist :  Jaime King, Cheng Pei Pei郑佩佩, Terry Chen, Henry O’Neil
Genre Type : Digital PAL
Genre Info :  Horrow , Thriller
Release Date :  24/03/09
Weight KGs :  0.3
Synopsis :  

After living in Shanghai for three years, Sarah, her husband, Jason, and their young son, Sammy, return to North America for a family funeral. However, Sammy starts seeing ghosts and then falls gravely ill and traditional western medicine offers no hope. It all ties in with the Chinese festival of Ghost Month, when the doors of hell supposedly open and angry spirits are given the chance to terrorise the living. Sarah turns to a mysterious pharmacist who warns that a living corpse is holding her son in a death grip. Sarah must find out what the spirits want if she is to save her child.

在上海生活了3年后,Sarah和她的丈夫Jason还有他们6岁的小儿子Sammy因为一场家庭葬礼而回到了北美。但是奇怪的事情接二连三的发生了。 Sammy开始看到鬼,并且病的很严重,传统的西药已经没有任何希望使他治愈。无奈之下Sarah向一位神秘的药剂师求助,药剂师让她的儿子在一个死亡中 被一个僵尸控制。Sarah要想救自己的孩子就必须找到鬼想要的东西。时间一点一滴消逝,一旦第二天(即鬼月的最后一天)的太阳升起,
Sammy将会永远 消失。

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: GP-D2059