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» KO ONE 终极一班

KO ONE    终极一班
» Product Information
No In Set :  6
Barcode :  4734131030013
Language :  Chinese
Subtitle :  Chinese / Malay / English
Artist :  Jiro Wang汪东城, Danson Tang唐禹哲, Calvin Chen辰亦儒, Aaron Yan炎亚纶
Genre Type :  Taiwan Drama
Genre Info :  Digital NTSC
Release Date :  21-03-09
Weight KGs :  0.5
Synopsis :  

KO One is a class designed especially for the delinquents and rejects that other high schools would not accept. Even so, everyone in the class is loyal to the leader, Wang Da Dong, who is KO.3, and would die for friends. Another KO. 3, Wang Ya Se, also called Ya Se Wang and KO.4, Ding Xiao Yu soon joins the class and out of some fortuitous events, their lives become tied together and they become best buddies. Another student, Lei Ke Se, who had been gone for a whole semester, rejoins the class. Although Lei Ke Se seems like a weak kid with only good intentions, Ya Se suspects Lei Ke Se is KO.2 because legends say that KO.1 and KO.2 are capable of concealing their true identities.
At the same time, incidents start to occur and the culprit always leads to Ya Se. But Ya Se is being framed by Lei Ke Se, who is actually the real culprit. Lei Ke Si makes Ya Se looks bad so that Da Dong won't believe him when he says that Lei Ke Se is KO.2. Soon, An Qi, who is Da Dong and Lei Ke Se's childhood crush, appears. This forces Lei Ke Se to reveal his true identity and fight with Da Dong (for An Qi). After Lei Ke Se leaves KO One, Xiao Yu starts to crush on An Qi. Both Da Dong and Xiao Yu fight over An Qi, but Da Dong doesn't realize his crush on the teacher of KO One, Tian Xin until An Qi tells him. Soon, An Qi returns to America and strange things started to happen. Two more new girl-students join the class, and one of them has a crush on Ya Se. Although he is cold and refuses to accept her due to her behavior as a gorilla, he eventually changes and falls in love with her. At the end, Lei Ke Si returns to tell the gang how to defeat their enemy Hei Long. In the final battle, Da Dong, Ya Se, Xiao Yu and Lei Ke Si combine their powers and finally defeat the evil roaming around them, but everyone in the gang, except KO.7, lose their powers in a big explosion.

听说有个厉害的转学生要来…他就是土龙帮的 太子爷“王亚瑟”,是西区高校圈中响叮当的传奇人物,他一来大东的位置可能不保了。班上的老大汪大东还趴在桌上睡觉,完全不视宝三正精彩的讲述著亚瑟王的 光荣历史,煞姐认为就算亚瑟王再怎么厉害也敌不过大东,只有大东是永远的老大!宝三则是暗自希望亚瑟王这股新势力能够扳倒大东,那么说不定他又有重新做回 老大的机会……
大辣担心的是两年前大东遭七大高中围剿暗算,亚瑟王是否参与其中?若是如此大东肯定要利用此 机会报仇!大东睡眼惺忪的醒来,踢了大辣一脚,不准他动动将报仇打架挂在嘴边,更何况他才不认识什么亚瑟王,听这名字就好像是中古世纪的人…就在这时亚瑟 王进入教室,他和大东四目相交眼神充满王不见王的气势,亚瑟王眯起双眼与汪大东争锋相对,亚瑟王缓缓的走到空位上, 当大家把目光都注意在王亚瑟与汪大东的同时,丁小雨背著书包悄悄的跟了进来,他很快的找到空位低头坐了下来。煞姐还有她的跟班琳达正在讨论大东和亚瑟是否 会对决时,一转头居然看到小雨,不由眉头一蹙,小雨沉默的不理会周遭的同学。
上课钟声响起,蹬蹬蹬的高跟鞋声由远而近传来,终极一班内的鼓噪声在大东一个眼神的制止下瞬 间地肃静,大东整理了一下自己的服装仪容,麻辣女导师田欣修长的双腿随即映入众人眼帘,紧接著就看到她纤细的蛮腰和呼之欲出的胸部。亚瑟王睨了汪大东一 眼,看他两眼专注的直视著导师,就知道他完全臣服在这女人之下,唉,像这样轻易就被美色诱惑的人,哪有资格做老大,看来这个终极一班老大的位置很快就要换 人了!

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