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» Knock Knock Loving You 敲敲爱上你

Knock Knock Loving You 敲敲爱上你
» Product Information

Title 题目

敲敲爱上你 Knock Knock Loving You (DVD)

Language :


Subtitle(s) :

Chinese /English/Malay

No. of disc :


Episode (s) :

20 Episodes

Selling Price :

RM 99.90

Release Date :


Genre :

愛情 Romance

Artist :

明道 Mindow/ 郭品超Dylan Kuo/吴亚馨 Maggie Wu/蒋怡 Coco Chiang/李小路Jacqueline Li

Stock Code :


Barcode :

47341 3202 0013


程雪歌(郭品超)因父亲病危,从美国回到从小生长的皇后镇,接手经营不善的玮霖休闲中心。姚氏企业派姚子望(吴亚馨) 收购皇后镇土地。雪歌父亲病逝,为还债务他接受子望的条件,进入姚氏企业工作。雪歌取得骄人成绩,却忽略了女友唐清舞(李小璐)。皇昕金控总裁赵冠希( ) 深深被子望吸引。




Cheng Xue Ge (Dylan Kuo) manages Wei Lin Resort at Huang Hou Town after his dad passed away. Yao Zhi Wang (Maggie Wu) from Yao Shi Corporation takes over Huang Hou Town. Xue Ge works for Yao Shi Corporation due to some offer because the resort was bankrupted. Xue Ge is smart but he had abandoned his girlfriend, Tang Qing Wu (Li Xiao Lu) so she married with Shen Qian (Bai Xu Xu) later when he wants to gets back her.


The director of Huang Xin Financial, Zhao Guan Xi (Ming Dao) was fall in love with Zhi Wang. But, Zhi Wang disobeys his dad and didn’t want to married with Zhao Guan Xi cause her dad angry. Zhao Guan Xi feels embarrassed and this ruined their relationship. Since that day, Zhi Wang and her dad break off relationship. She can’t survive in business market because many negative rumors. Later, Xue Ge brings Zhi Wang to Huang Hou Town and proposed to her. Her face is full with tears and understand this is the happiness she searching.

» Price: RM99.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3202 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON