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Location: /Japanese/Animation/DVD


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No In Set :  1
Barcode :  01672 0007 0018
Language :  Mandarin/Malay
Subtitle :  English
Artist :  -
Genre Type :  Digital NTSC
Genre Info :  动画/喜剧 Animation/Comedy
Release Date :  05/08/2009
Weight KGs :  0.2
Synopsis :

春日部突然有人舉辦了「20世紀博覽會」,大人們都沉浸在舊時的電視節目和電影、日常生活裡,不過小新等小孩子們感到趣味索然。當大人們從博覽會回來後,每個人都開始變得懶散,不僅不再做家事、也不再到公司裡去上班,每天只知沉迷在舊時的電視節目、或是玩耍裡,並且開始對小新等小孩子們視若無睹。有一天突然出現一輛電動三輪車,把所有大人載走,只留下春日部裡的所有小孩。原來這一切都是一個名為「Yesterday Once More」(昨日重現)的組織所為。


There was an exhibition “Expo of 20th Century” organized by Haruhibu. This event attracted all the adults but not the children. The adults became immersed in the event and started to neglect their responsibilities. Housework was left undone and no one works in the office anymore, they were either engrossed in their tv programs or playing games. Children were left on their own too. One day, an electronic tricycle came and took away all the adults, only kids were left behind in Haruhibu. This was actually plotted by an organization called “Yesterday Once More” …

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-DS007