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Title 题目

又安康 Easy Fortune Happy Life-Part 2 (DVD)

Language :


Subtitle(s) :

Chinese / Malay / English

Format :

Digital NTSC

No. of disc :

2 pcs

Episode (s) :

12-17 Episodes

Artist :

Blue Lan, 陈乔 Joe Chen, Qiu Ze, 王怡仁 Jocelyn Wang, 丁强 Ding Qiang, 修杰楷 Xiu Jie Kai

Selling Price :


Release Date :


Genre :


Stock Code :


Barcode :

47341 3208 0215



一個「橫跨時空」與「良心」的愛情故事。以 一段六十年前相遇的故事做開端,福安(陈乔恩)的奶奶意外在山上救了嚴雲高一命,並且在短暫的相處日子中互相生情,卻殊不知,嚴雲高是了奪取一帖 有效良藥的秘方刻意接近福安的奶奶並在取得秘方後,不告而別。但福安的奶奶仍被矇在鼓裡,六十年過去了,仍覺得那段初戀最摯。  


六十年後,因一場『八寶堂藥業集團』董事長——雲高的車禍,讓大風()與福安他們相遇,也是緣的開端。 對於夢想,往往只是希冀維持簡單的幸福便足夠,雲高的孫子——嚴大風了取得雲高的喜愛而獲得遺的繼承,便上山去尋找珍貴藥材,再次遇見善良女孩——福安。 


因為上一輩未的戀曲,而突然一夕變成「百億未婚妻」。老天爺化身梅菲斯特(魔鬼)開出條件,只要將良心與真愛賣給他,就能得到女 孩,繼承數不盡的財富、完成千萬種不凡的夢想……



A Love story that crosses “time” and “conscience”. Although simple happiness is sufficient, it is usually not attainable. There is a kindhearted girl from mountain, who suddenly becomes “Fiancee of Thousand Millions” just because of an uncompleted love affair in previous life. 


Mephistopheles (Demon), the embodiment of God, offered the conditions that as long as he could sell his conscience and true love to him, he could have the girl and countless fortune to complete endless great dreams. Because of one car accident happened to the presidents of “Ba Bao Tong Pharmaceutical Group”, Da Fong (Blue Lan) and Fu An (Joe Chen) encountered with each other, and it is the beginning of their affinity.  

» Price: RM49.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3208-2 OUT OF STOCK / COMING SOON