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No In Set :  1
Barcode :  47540 3212 0019
Language :  Korean
Subtitle :  Chinese/Malay/English
Artist :  Lee Min-ho 李敏镐、Ku Hye-seon 具惠善、Kim Hyun-jung 金贤重、 Kim Beom 金范、Kim Jun 金俊
Genre Type : Digital NTSC
Genre Info :  制作特辑 Making of 
Release Date :  23/11/2009
Weight KGs :  0.2
Synopsis :  

以日本漫画家神尾叶子的一部长篇爱情校园漫画《花より男子》为蓝本,韩国版《花样男子》继台剧和日剧版之後,开播以来,收视屡创新高,全国收视率更高达35.5%,成为收视冠军。剧中的四位美男子 F4由帅气的李敏镐、SS501成员金贤重、花美男金範、来自T-max的金俊分别扮演具俊表、尹智厚、苏易正和宋宇彬,至于平民少女金丝草由具惠善主演。 


拍攝中斷 特別節目回饋粉絲                                         




NG片段大公開 戲裡戲外不同面                                     


Based on the popular manga Hana Yori Dango, Korea's own Boys Over Flowers TV drama turned into the runaway hit of 2009. Boys Over Flowers attracted high viewership ratings and buzz throughout its broadcast, turning its young cast into household names in not only Korea, but throughout Asia. Ku Hye-seon from The Strongest Chil Woo stars as the tough-cookie heroine of the drama while breakout star Lee Min-ho, SS501 idol Kim Hyun-jung, Kim Beom, and Kim Jun of pop group T-max form Korea's F4.

This Boys Over Flowers Behind-the-Scenes & 137 Days Shooting Diary DVD includes the following:

Mid-season Special Fan Appreciation Program  

Episodes 1-16 Highlight Reel 

Classic Dialogue                                              

F4 Casting Secrets Revealed 


Visiting the F4 Mansion

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: PMP-D3212