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» Wolvesbayne 狼人拜恩 (DVD)

Wolvesbayne 狼人拜恩 (DVD)
» Product Information
No In Set :  1
Barcode :  68242206700100
Language :  English
Subtitle :  Chinese/Malay/English
Artist :

Mark Dacascos 马克·达卡斯考斯, Jeremy London 杰瑞米·伦敦,Christy Romano 克里斯蒂·罗曼诺, Yancy Butler 杨茜·巴特勒

Genre Type :  Digital NTSC
Genre Info :  Action / Creature 动作/奇幻
Release Date :  05/02/2010
Weight KGs :  0.2
Synopsis :


Wolvesbayne uncovers the supernatural world wherein vampires and werewolves coexist. Centuries ago, Lilith (Yancy Butler), the first vampire was banished but she manages to returned and civil war within the vampire clan threatened to tear the worlds of vampire, werewolves and humans apart.

A man Russell Bayne (Jeremy London), bitten by a werewolf finds himself in the middle of a supernatural war. Bayne must learn to control his new powers and gather the human hunters, werewolves and other vampire clan to assemble amulets to put Lilith back to her imprisonment before she destroys the human world.

» Price: RM19.90

» Product Code: GP-D2067